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How to Lose Belly Fat & Tone Your Abs over 40 - when you're a perimenopausal or menopausal woman

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Do you admire 6 packs abs like the rest of the ab obsessed world? Me too.

We can’t deny it looks good and yup, seeeexxxxy😜. If we’re on a beach and we catch a glimpse of someone - man or woman - with 6 pack abs, we just want to stare at them...actually, we just want to stare at their abs. There’s nothing wrong with that. Go ahead and stare. It’s like a piece of good art. But make sure you’re wearing sunglasses so they don’t catch you staring! Lol!


If you feel shame because you have some extra fat on the belly or anywhere else, well, guuuuurl...





It’s human nature to care about the way we look and feel. We all want to look and feel our best. Don't deny yourself the natural desire to want that.But the only time losing belly fat becomes absolutely necessary is when your waist measurement is more than 35 inches (89 centimeters), as it indicates an unhealthy concentration of belly fat and a greater risk of health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The trouble with belly fat is that it's not limited to the extra layer of padding located just below the skin (subcutaneous fat). It also includes visceral fat — which lies deep inside your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs. If you think your waist measurement might be more than 35 inches, then go ahead and measure it right now, so you know for sure. Click here for a copy of my guide called, "How to Complete Your Full Body Measurements".

You can tone abdominal muscles with any targeted abdominal exercises (whether it's crunches, plank or v-ups, etc.), but just doing these exercises won't get rid of belly fat. To build abdominal muscles (or any muscle): You need to complete a set of reps(average 8-15 but everyone's different so you may need a little more) that tire the muscle and you need to complete 1-6 sets of these reps consistently at least twice a week. I always say aim for 3 total body workouts a week, with minimum 2 sets per muscle group, and that way you'll complete it at least twice on most weeks. Consistency is what matters as we start to lose muscle after the age of 30, and unless you're strength training, you will continue to lose muscle every year you get older. The beauty is you can build back muscle at any age! To burn the fat off and see the toned muscle: You need to create a calorie deficit by burning more calories than you eat, ensuring you never eat less than 1,200 calories a day, as when you eat too little, the body will burn too little and you won't lose the fat or your weight loss will stall. The healthiest choice to create a calorie deficit for sustainable weight loss is to add these 8 healthy habits to your life. No, you don't have to do them all at once if it feels overwhelming. Baby steps. Add them to your life in a way that feel doable.

1. ❤️ Flip your self-talk from self-defeatist to one full of kindness, love, compassion and humour. Write positive affirmations where you can read them often such as:

I am worthy of all good things I am enough I am not my mistakes. In fact through trial and error is how I learn so I accept my mistakes. I am strong I accept myself fully I am a ray of sunshine and I will still love myself the days when I’m a dark cloud I am beautiful I am lovable I forgive myself when I make a mistake, because I am human and it is normal

2. 🧡 Write and memorize your "WHY you want to get in shape" statement so it helps you stay motivated

3. 💛 Create an awesome sleep routine so you sleep 7-8 hours a night - for energy, lower cravings and hormone balance

4. 💚 Improve your relationship with food so you know what to eat, how much, how(slowly, mindfully until you're 80% full) and when - without counting calories or restricting foods - so yes pizza and chocolate can be part of it! Here are all the info-graphics you need for the ultimate nutrition plan:

5. 💙 Learn to manage your cravings and overeating by finding better ways to manage stress and adding foods that cut the cravings such as a 100 calorie daily sweet treat

6. 💜 Move 7,500+ steps a day or 30 minutes 5 days a week

7. 🤍 Complete three 30 minute total body workouts a week at home or at a gym, that you enjoy!

8. 💗 Weigh yourself weekly and start to build a better relationship with the scale so you keep yourself accountable

You'll lose weight - this is different for everyone but the body likes slow weight loss if you want to easily keep the weight off. Research shows that losing 0.5-2 lbs a week is best so patience is your superpower. But note... The only difference with trying to burn off your belly fat once you hit perimenopause/menopause and start to store more around your belly, is you have to be more patient and accept that of the 5, 10 or 20+ lbs you want to lose, there’s a good chance your body will hang on to your belly fat until the last few pounds, because of your lower levels of estrogen and potential higher levels of cortisol. So be patient, and in the mean time, give that belly fat some love and acceptance as you try your best every day to make healthy choices and manage stress!

If you realize you need someone to help you get over the overwhelm and tell you exactly what to do every step of the way, I'm here to hold you accountable. I even offer a 30-day or your money back guarantee because I'm so certain I can help you! Click here to learn about my 12 Week 1:1 LIKE A BOSS Weight Loss program and and if you like you can book a free call with me. There are limited spots available each month and I want YOU to be one of them.

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