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5 Easy Breakfast Recipes + The Ultimate No B.S. Nutrition Plan for Sustainable Weight Management

I've got 5 FREE quick and delicious breakfast recipes for you but before you download them, let me share a few important things you need to know about the recipe format and what your ultimate no BS nutrition plan should look like. First, for the recipes:

  1. I used Precision Nutrition's Hand Measurement Portion Control Guide to measure portions of each food group

  2. They're 1 serving only(in case you're just making it for yourself), so make sure to increase the amounts accordingly if making it for more family members. Men usually need double the amount of each portion women have.

Here is Precision Nutrition's SIMPLE Hand Measurement Portion Control Guide. I use it personally and teach my clients how to put it into practice and make it a habit in my 12 Week LIKE A BOSS Weight Loss Program.

This way of measuring portions, along with learning how to eat slowly and mindfully until you're 80% full, is so much better than a low calorie temporary meal plan where you count calories(nobody can follow a meal plan and count calories long-term), because you're learning how to eat to lose weight AND how to keep it off.

It's something you can use for the rest of your life! The quick and healthy recipes I'm sharing will become some of your breakfast options, but following recipes is just one part of it. You need a plan that lasts. Here's your Ultimate No B.S. Nutrition Plan for sustainable weight management, if you're ready to get off the dieting roller coaster and lose 0.5-2 lbs a week(any more and you risk gaining the weight back by lowering metabolism too much). All you need is in these info-graphics. Print them and post them in your kitchen so you always refer to them when you prepare and eat a meal. Like myself and my clients, eventually you won't have to refer to them anymore as you've made this nutrition plan a habit for life! 1. HOW MUCH OF EACH FOOD GROUP SHOULD YOU EAT AT EACH MEAL - Click here for the detailed Hand Measurement Portion Control Guide, 2. What Should I Eat - Meat Eaters or What Should I eat - Plant based/vegetarian, 3.How to Eat Slowly and Mindfully to 80% Full

Weigh yourself weekly so you see if your efforts are working and you're achieving a calorie deficit or if you need to adjust your portions, as described in the portion control guide info-graphic. Remember, the scale is just a number. Don't see it as a measure of your self-worth.

But don't go thinking you have to eat perfectly healthy when trying to lose weight or in my LIKE A BOSS Weight Loss System. That's not true at all because restricting is not sustainable. In my program, I teach you how to combine healthy, high energy foods with your favourite foods so you never feel deprived. That's one of the key components of a good nutrition where you lose weight without feeling deprived, because continuous deprivation is what often leads to uncontrollable cravings, overeating or binge eating. This nutrition plan doesn't have to happen all at once. Baby steps. Work on learning one part of it at a time in a way that fits your schedule. Yes, you deserve to feel amazing in your own skin. You deserve to feel and look your best. You deserve to be happy. Take action now and start this nutrition plan, as you'll feel amazing when you do! Oh yes and click here to grab your 5 FREE Quick and Delicious Breakfast recipes! If you need accountability and think following a structured program will help you lose weight and keep it off for good, then click here to learn about my 12 Week LIKE A BOSS Weight Loss System.

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