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4 Healthy Store Bought On-The-Go Snacks

Do you hate getting hungry when you’re out of the house and on the go?

Me too.

Whether you're out running errands for 2-3 hours or going on a long outdoor nature walk/hike(which we should all be doing regularly), you need to be prepared for hunger to strike, so best to bring filling snacks!

First I need to point out 2 important on-the-go snack rules we all need to try and live by:

  1. Always try to choose a real whole food as your first snack choice. Easy on-the-go choices which do not require washing are:

    • Mini carrots(just bring the whole bag)

    • Mandarins

    • A handful of nuts(only a handful as high calorie) and

    • Dried fruit (no more than ¼ cup as also high calorie) such as dates, apricots or prunes. BUT NOTE: Try to only choose organic with NO added sugar. Many manufacturers add sulphur dioxide(a preservative to retain its original colour), but this can trigger asthma-like reactions in some people.

2. Try to avoid single packaged wrapped snacks, as throwing away individual wrappers is not good for a healthy planet


Sometimes convenience wins, as we manage our busy days, trying to feed not only ourselves, but the whole family. And there’s always someone who’s hungry, right!?

After a couple hours of research, here are the 4 store bought on-the-go snacks I found that are made with good ingredients:

RX Bar

Kind Protein Bars

Rise Protein Bar

Love Good Fats Bar

If you can’t find any of these bars online or near you, look for a nice balance of healthy fat, protein, and fibre to help keep you satisfied.

Keep these things in mind:

What to look for

What to avoid

Less than 250 calories per serving

High fructose corn syrup

8 grams of protein or more . Good sources of protein are whey protein isolate, pea protein, brown rice protein, egg whites, nuts, nut butters, grass-fed meats, seeds

Palm oil (unless purchase ethical, RSPO-certified brands as not bad for the environment)

Less than 13 grams of sugar - ideally natural from fruit or honey

Sugar alcohols (sorbitol, xylitol, glycerol, etc.) as can cause gastrointestinal distress

At least 3 grams of fiber

Carrageenan- A seaweed derivative used as an emulsifier, and many people that consume it find they suffer from intestinal irritation.

Whole food ingredients

Synthetic ingredients like soluble corn fiber or chicory root

Again, try to avoid processed packaged snacks, and always choose real whole foods. See these bars as your once in a while emergency snack, as better to eat these than to get too hungry and choose high fat fast food or a super processed alternative.

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