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Easy Meal Prep Habit for Weight Loss AND Health

Are your meals as healthy as they can be?

Do you know and follow Precision Nutrition's(PN) Hand Measurement System for portion control, and only eat the right amounts of the 3 macronutrients: Carbohydrates(carbs), protein, fat + veggies at every meal?

Me neither.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “you don’t practice what you preach, girl? You tell us what to eat at every meal, you’re a Nutrition Coach who wants to live until 104, and then you don’t use Precision Nutrition’s Hand Measurement System EVERY TIME?”


Don’t forget I’m a working mom too...sometimes I’m toooo tired and can’t think straight, just like you - because the dog ate a whole tampon(unused, thankfully) and I needed to take her to emergency at 3am or my teenage son came home at 2am and was making a racket in the bathroom (forgetting the 1.4 mill previous requests to be a ninja🥷 when we’re sleeping 🤦‍♀️).

I can’t control everything in my day (or night!) and putting a “perfectly healthy” meal together is SOMETIMES tossed aside when hunger or lack of time or tiredness takes over my logical side. And that's ok.

BUT, THIS DOES happen 100% of the time:

Precision Nutrition’s Hand Measurement System automatically comes to my mind as I walk into the kitchen to prepare a meal...


And that’s the purpose of this email. To get you doing the same thing. To get you to automatically think about what and how much of each food you should put on your plate. By making this a habit, you will make MOST meals with all the right food groups, which is one of the things you need to do to reach and maintain your desired healthy weight, while providing your body with energy and the components it needs to maintain its structure and functions. Also, when you think, “what CAN I ADD” to make a meal healthier instead of thinking, “what I CAN’T have", you eat less “unhealthier high calorie” foods and will experience less unwanted cravings MOST of the time. This leads to automatically eating less calories in a day without feeling deprived or restricted.

Here’s your action list after you close this email:

  1. Download, print and review the Hand Measurement System info-graphic. Post it in the kitchen where you’ll see it every time you prepare a meal.

  2. Download, review and print the info-graphic that shows what foods you should “eat more”, “eat some” and “eat less”. Click here for meat eaters and click here for plant-based eaters. Post it in the kitchen.

  3. Leave these up for as long as it takes you to automatically think about them, as soon as you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal.

It's such a simple habit, really. Yes, it might take a while for it to become a habit because of all the other thoughts crowding your mind, but it's a very important habit. Studies have shown that proper nutrition, along with a healthy lifestyle and healthy body weight, can extend our lives by years, living in a disease-free body until the day we die. Don't we all want that? Yessssss!

When you're in the habit of thinking of the Hand Measurement System at the start of every meal, email me and let me know and reward yourself with something that makes you FEEL HAPPY(no food!), because it’s that important for your overall health. A massage? Pedicure? A getaway with girlfriends?

Hmmm…maybe all of the above!

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