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I'm Joanna Lopez or Coach JoLo.

Are you tired of fad diets and endless calorie counting? Say hello to a new approach to fitness and nutrition with Get Fit with JoLo. We believe in food freedom and creating healthy habits that last, without sacrificing the foods you love. Join us on the journey towards a happier, healthier you!


So, you’re ready to get off the dieting roller coaster? Awesome! I'm here to help you  build the
7 not-so-secret habits of lean, fit, toned, healthy & sane, peri/menopausal moms.

This is how it makes me feel that you're here right now...

The 7 Not-So-Secret Habits of Lean, Fit, Toned, Healthy & Sane, Peri/Menopausal Moms:

1. The habit of prioritizing 8 hours of sleep - for happy hormones and metabolism

2. The habit of eating slowly and mindfully to 80% full with the right portion and balance of macronutrients(fats, proteins, carbs), without calorie or macro counting or restricting any foods (including daily treats like chocolate!) - to control cravings and compulsion to overeat

3. The habit of daily planned stress relief -
so you rely less on food for comfort

4. The habit of self-compassion - because you deserve nice - always - especially after missteps

5. The habit of 7, 500+ steps a day - you'll live longer, feel better daily AND find it easier to maintain weight loss

6. The habit of 3 weekly 30-60 minute total body cardio & muscle toning workouts - your revved up metabolism, pain-free joints, toned body and longevity are worth it

7. The habit of weekly weigh-ins without shame or judgment where you get curious, not furious! - top habit of people who keep weight off, by losing any little bit right away that creeps up

It doesn't matter how fast or how slowly you build these habits. It doesn't matter if you'd like to lose 5 lbs or over 100 lbs. It doesn't matter how old you are or how many times you've dieted.


I'm going to jump right into ALL my offers right here - both paid and FREE.

Against the recommendations of expert sales people, I’m giving you all my prices up front. This is because I stand behind my no B.S. policy and want to be transparent…and honestly it’s because I genuinely love what I do and after 20 years experience in the fitness, nutrition and weight loss industry, I think I’m worth what I charge, because I'm an expert in knowing how to  get my clients results. 


And I’ll say it now, because it’s important…all challenges come with a money back guarantee, because I only want to get paid if the challenge you choose meets your expectations and gives you the results you deserve.



"i want it all" 12-WEEK CHALLENGE

A simple all-inclusive 1:1 fitness, nutrition, mindset & lifestyle habit-building system for safe and sustainable weight loss


For you if you’re ready and want support and accountability in building all 7 healthy habits of safe and sustainable weight loss: 7-8 hours of sleep; eating slowly and mindfully to 80% full; daily planned stress relief; self-compassion; 7,500+ daily steps, 3 weekly 30 minute total body workouts; and the habit of weekly weigh-ins(without shame or self-judgment).


Depending on your metabolism, genetics, age, current mindset, and common unforeseen obstacles(such as holidays and birthday parties:), you can expect to safely lose between 10-30 lbs in 12 weeks.


All packages include on-boarding:

1) Initial communication and paperwork

2) Clarity questionnaire(goals, health history, etc.)

3) 60 min kick off call

4) Initial personalized action plan

Now you have 3 options, based on your budget and how much support and accountability you need:



Weekly 30 minute meet + email missions

For you if you feel you need the most support and accountability and are eager to get all the habits in place as quickly as possible.

$1,500CDN +13% tax

$1129USD +13% tax


3 monthly payments of:

$549CDN +13% tax

$415USD +13% tax



Every 2 weeks - 30 minute meet + email missions

For you if you feel you need support and accountability but want a bit more time to get the habits in place, and feel like meeting every 2 weeks will be good enough to keep you motivated and keep you going until you reach your goals.

$949CDN +13% tax

$699USD +13% tax


3 monthly payments of:

$365CDN +13% tax

$269USD +13% tax



Every 3 weeks - 30 minute meet + email missions

For you if you feel you need support and accountability but need more time to get the habits in place, and you feel you can stay motivated for 3 weeks in a row on your own.

$700CDN +13% tax

$529USD +13% tax


3 monthly payments of:

$279CDN +13% tax

$209USD +13% tax



"i want food freedom"

6-Week Challenge

1:1 Nutrition only


system for safe & sustainable weight loss

For you if you want to stop yo-yo dieting and instead learn a simple and flexible nutrition system that you can easily follow today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. Also for you if you're already at your desired healthy weight and want to more easily keep the weight off with a nutrition system that includes all food groups(including carbs and a daily treat), and also boost energy, health and longevity.


You'll learn what, when, how and how much to eat and you'll...

  • Say bye bye to yo-yo dieting

  • Say bye bye to calorie counting 

  • Say bye bye to macro counting

  • Say bye bye to weighing all your food (this is so boring and annoying! And never lasts and probably best not to be doing that in front of your kids).

  • Say bye bye to always feeling hungry in order to get leaner

  • Say bye bye to completing cutting out carbs and your favourite foods

Instead build life-long & joyful habits around food that will not only transform your body and self-talk, but also infuse your life with vibrancy, resilience, longevity and a sprinkle of awesomeness! 

Learn my simple and flexible 5-Habit Nutrition System, so you’ll know exactly what to eat, how much and when for the rest of your life!! 

Habit 1: Build the habit of eating slowly and mindfully to 80% Full: If there’s one thing that supports safe and lasting weight loss, this is it. A “blue zone” longevity habit(as featured in the Netflix documentary: Live to 100 - Secrets of the Blue Zones), it meets satisfaction and promotes digestion without the food restriction sacrifice.

Habit 2: Use the Portion Control Hand Measurement System for each meal. Your hand is proportionate to your body, its size never changes, and it's always with you, making it the perfect tool for measuring food so you get the right amount of nutrients at each meal.

Habit 3: Stop labelling a food as good or bad. Instead learn a simple way to know what macro-nutrients(or macros) - carbs, fats and protein - fall into 1of 3 categories:"eat more, "eat some" and "eat less". Eat the rainbow throughout the day for fruits and vegetables, as different colours have different micro-nutrients. 

Habit 4: Follow the 80-20 rule to create balance and decrease cravings. Nourish your body with real fresh wholesome foods from the "eat more" and "eat some"categories 80% of the time; and enjoy planned & comfort food or treats guilt-free from the "eat less" category,  20% of the time. You'll learn how to enjoy all carbs(from quinoa to pizza) and daily treats(yes, like cookies and chocolate), and still create a calorie deficit to lose and then eventually maintain your healthy weight.


If you struggle to control sugar cravings regularly, cutting them out completely won't work. Our “old brain” and “little you” that still lives inside you hate feeling deprived as it goes against our instinct for survival, so the more you restrict, the more you crave.


Habit 5: The most important habit of all! Positive talk - to your food, to yourself, your organs, body parts, emotions, etc.! Developing the habit of positive self-talk, as well as self-compassion and acceptance, means you'll expect imperfection today, tomorrow and always, so you forgive yourself for missteps. You'll learn to let go of any idea that you should feel shame or failure when you're not perfect. With my words of encouragement, you'll practice giving yourself love and acceptance instead. Because that’s what you deserve.

Work with me and you'll find food freedom and see how simple and magical it can me to lose weight safely and sustainably, with joy and acceptance and eating all the foods you love!

6-Week Nutrition Only Challenge Package:

Every 2 weeks - 30 minute meet + email missions

To get you started on what to eat, you'll receive a week of a sample menu plan with no fuss, simple recipes

$400 CDN +13% tax

$299 USD + 13% tax

Healthy assortment of yellow foods






"i love my workouts" Personal Training

1:1 Online personal training via Zoom; from beginners to advanced, to build the habit of total body cardio and strength training workouts

For you if you're no. 1 goal is to consistently work out in order to build muscle, rev up your metabolism, maintain weight loss and boost your mood and energy. If you've tried year after year to be consistent all year long with your workouts, but seem to stop after a setback(injures, vacations, sickness) and then struggle to get motivated and back at it consistently, then hiring me as your trainer is totally worth the investment. Whether we meet on Zoom once, twice or 3 times a week, you can hire me to create a personal workout that suits your body's needs and preferences.

I'll make you love your workouts!


Fitness Only Prices:


New Client Assessment:

$75 CDN +13% tax

$55 USD +13% tax

30 Minute Workout:

$70CDN +13% tax

$53USD +13% tax


45 Minute Workout

$85 CDN +13% tax

$65 USD +13% tax


60 Minute Workout

$100 CDN +13% tax

$75 USD +13% tax


"gimme free"

Downloadable PDF Guide


The guide is called "The No B.S. Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss Guide for moms over 40 who want to stop yo-yo dieting". It's for you if you first want to get to know me and see what my strategies, systems and philosophies are all about. The guide will also serve you if you're self-motivated so just want to have the right information to create your own action plan.

Jan 2024 Pic of 2 pages of guide.png


"I want to dance

myself into shape"

Zumba Dance Fitness

In-Person Classes


For you if you live in midtown Toronto(Yonge St. & Lawrence Ave.) and and want to get in shape by combining dance and toning exercises. You don't have to be coordinated! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. Leave your troubles behind, just feel the music and move to your own rhythm!


Zumba Dance Fitness is a total body workout, combining all elements of fitness: cardio, toning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome after every class.

We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party that combines varied and easy to follow choreography. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.

When: Thursdays @ 6pm

Where: Anatomy Fitness:3080 Yonge St.,Toronto, ON Canada

You don't have to be a member of the gym to come to my Zumba class! Call Anatomy's front desk to sign up for your first class: (416)839-4956

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Watch my Mini-Class

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