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Read some testimonials from some of my satisfied clients!

From My Zumba Clients:

"Joanna's positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Her Zumba class is the most fun workout I've ever done and the best way to start the week. I now love Mondays, thanks to Joanna!"

- Melissa S.

"I LOVE attending Joanna’s Zumba class. She is so fun, encouraging and full of energy! I never like to miss her class!!"

- Sharon F.

"Joanna is bursting with light and love and she brings this to absolutely every class she teaches. Her Zumba classes are so much fun and full of positive energy that I carry with me through the rest of my day after getting that cardio high through dance. I look forward to my Zumba class on Monday mornings with Joanna. It’s an incredible way to kick off the week!"

- Jen T.

"Joanna has endless energy, is a great motivator, and her classes are energetic and lots of fun."

- Carolyn J.

"Joanna is always full of energy and carries the brightest smiles in our Zumba class. I am always recharged with positive energy after my Monday class. I have joined Joanna’s class for about 2 1/2 years and I am still very excited to go to her class every week. Thank you so much!!"

- Ashley H.

"Jo's great mix of music and boundless energy makes the sessions fun and challenging."

- Clara K.

From My Weight-Loss Clients:

​"I needed to lose that extra stubborn weight that never seems to go away, and even though I was already active and went to the gym often, I couldn’t quite shift the 30 lbs(13.6 kg). I hired Joanna to help me re-think my regular routine, to change things up and to keep me focused on my goal.  She’s done all that, and more.


Joanna has tailored our workouts to the exercises I enjoy; mixing kickboxing and capoeira, as well as the good, but always hard HIIT moves. Now that I'm at my goal of losing 30 lbs(13.6 kg), I'm thinking of going for more! It’s been a pleasure to work with her, and I always come away with a good sense of accomplishment."

- Susan A.

"The 12 Week Take Your Body Back Transformation Program taught me a realistic, logical way to integrate healthy diet and exercise practices into my daily schedule. It was a customized, 12-week approach to sleep, move, eat and exercise – all based on my personal long-and-short-term health goals. There is NO WAY I ever would have been able to acquire these good habits and lose the 9 lbs I wanted to lose, without the knowledge and support of my Fitness and Nutrition coach, Joanna. She's a mom of two teenagers, she has aging parents, she runs her own business, she GETS IT. 

At times I felt Joanna was more motivated for me to reach my weight loss goal than I was! Which is what you need when you’re making changes – someone that continues to remind you why you’re there and how GOOD habits are formed – but mostly, someone who really cares. Who really wants you to be successful, who is selfless when it comes to imparting the information so many of us lack when it comes to nutrition and exercise. 

I encourage anyone who thinks that they need to sacrifice personal health for a balanced home and work life to try this program. You’ll be surprised what 12 weeks can do."

- Laura M.

“I’m very frazzled from work but this got me moving more, I lost weight, loved the encouragement, and got nutritional tips. Doesn’t get any better than that!”

- Andrea A.

- Grainne M.

“Thanks for all the encouragement and the positive tips. I loved your posts as they seemed very much on target with what I was struggling with (portion control, sugar, etc.).


The workout was challenging without triggering any old injuries, and I appreciated that you listened so well to my concerns. I feel that this challenge set me back on the path that I had stepped off in terms of my health and fitness goals. Thank you!”


- Grainne M