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client love for weight loss program and zumba classes

Read some testimonials from some of my satisfied clients!

"The 12 Week Like a Boss Weight loss Program taught me a realistic, logical way to integrate healthy diet and exercise practices into my daily schedule. It was a customized, 12-week approach to sleep, move, eat and exercise – all based on my personal long-and-short-term health goals. There is NO WAY I ever would have been able to acquire these good habits and lose the 10 lbs I wanted to lose, without the knowledge and support of my Fitness and Nutrition coach, Joanna. She's a mom of two teenagers, she has aging parents, she runs her own business, she GETS IT. 

At times I felt Joanna was more motivated for me to reach my weight loss goal than I was! Which is what you need when you’re making changes – someone that continues to remind you why you’re there and how GOOD habits are formed – but mostly, someone who really cares. Who really wants you to be successful, who is selfless when it comes to imparting the information so many of us lack when it comes to nutrition and exercise. 

I encourage anyone who thinks that they need to sacrifice personal health for a balanced home and work life to try this program. You’ll be surprised what 12 weeks can do."

- Laura M.

​"I needed to lose that extra stubborn weight that never seems to go away, and even though I was already active and went to the gym often, I couldn’t quite shift the 30 lbs(13.6 kg). I hired Joanna to help me re-think my regular routine, to change things up and to keep me focused on my goal.  She’s done all that, and more.


Joanna has tailored our workouts to the exercises I enjoy; mixing kickboxing and capoeira, as well as the good, but always hard HIIT moves. Now that I'm at my goal of losing 30 lbs(13.6 kg), I'm thinking of going for more! It’s been a pleasure to work with her, and I always come away with a good sense of accomplishment."

- Susan A.

At 53 I was at my highest weight ever and I was terrified that I was losing the battle with the bulge. After all, I was a perimenopausal, hypothyroid, stressed-out, working Mom who had yo-yo dieted one too many times and I was getting heavier every year. Then one day I received an email from Joanna Lopez (aka. Coach Jolo) and was intrigued by the messaging on her website about the unique challenges facing women over 40. It sparked a little hope in me! So I signed up for Joanna’s 12 Week “Like a Boss Weight loss” System.


Every week Coach Jolo educated me with her extensive knowledge to coax me down a healthful path.  And when I would make a misstep (I made a few!) Joanna would kindly and expertly quide me back on track. She refused to let me indulge my usual negative, defeatist thoughts and was almost magical in her ability to reframe them in a constructive, positive way. After every session I left excited to try out her strategies for the next week. Following Joanna’s plan I lost 15 lbs and am fitter than I have been in years!

She was everything I needed and more in a coach and I will miss her compassionate, insightful (and frequently hilarious) encouragement. Moving forward I have a realistic, customized plan that not only helps me attain my healthy ideal weight, but also grow into the mobile, strong, healthy senior citizen that I aspire to be one day!

- Megan M.

- Grainne M.

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